I spent far too long in the planning phase.

My original plans called for something pretty ambitious and very cheesy: this sort of light metaphor with canvas that would 'illuminate' various sections of the site to traverse. It was meant to be an allusion to my past as a photographer, if you'll believe that.

The site is littered with icons for a reason.

The approach I had with this site was to create an experience, as alluded in the notes tucked away in these photographs, that was entirely comunicable though iconography.

In a grand defiance with what the web was meant for, I aimed at creating a site that needn't any translation, where text was just set dressing for the main event.

The icons are here too inspired by camera markings and circuit diagrams, both of fields I deeply associate with and enjoy.

Quite the adventure, isn't it?

This site is built using the now-abandoned static site generator harp. Thankfully, it still works! I can write all my pages in markdown, or ejs, jade, stylus and a bunch of other preprocessors. I compile the whole thing into a folder and bingo. The entire site in a folder. No live anything.

The idea to go for a static site build was mostly born of curiosity, and I'd also grown a little tired with the needless complexity introduced by wordpress as a CMS for something so simple as a portfolio site.

I miss the front-end, but hey.

The rest of the design process is right here! You're looking at it. Nothing is hidden, and the code itself lives in a little repo on Github.