The organization app

Jars is an ongoing, under-development project of mine built with the foremost goal of replacing and streamlining the three markdown documents I currently organize my life with.

It started as a way to formalize and keep record of the markdown documents that precede it:, & among others.

NYE Build 2017 build, pre-refactor

I started development with a Cue and Electron framework hybrid, to teach myself both. I think in that regrad it's been a wild succes, and I learned ES6 along the way as well.

Current efforts are now focused on integrating Google Calendar, and altering the user interface to reflect a focus on impromptu logging instead of after-the-fact commits.

Inspiration for the project in it's current form borrows from John Avanier's log. And other similar works.

Early Design

The header detail, which incorporates code from life.

The app homepage, v.0.0.2
early alpha
Progress has come a long way

The project is available here on Github.